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human here

I seldom share secrets with people so I doubt you know much about me.
I'm 14 this year ,
friends and family are the reason i live for

In the name of Amanda, :D.
Love begins with a smile grows with a kiss & ends with a tear.

if not for them , i wouldnt be here ♥
i love friends ,

last updated on 29/7/2008
Many Many Balloons
Ace my end of years
Express Stream forever Sentosa
get into a good course
get alicia to stop her pillow habit
trip to thailand with band members
sort out things once again
be like how me and ******** were before
no more arguments between friends
happy ending for everyone(:


lets see how big your mouth can get?
just freaking gab here!
(:ohya and narcisissm is bad


i've been through,

Rewind back to the past :D
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Monday, November 3, 2008

oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk mannnnn! :0

i'm so bored .
hahahahahhahahahah ,
went to bank today .
just to withdraw money for my hong kong trip
-.- ,
clarice birthday is coming soon ,
of all times ._.

firstly they said can pay by edusave .
now they said cash .
so i'm really really damn broke .
guess what they gave me .
39 2 dollar notes .

lol , it will really make mr beng count like hell man .
stupid . .____.

i did something wrong .
that very day when you ask me for the answer , i didnt actually did it ,
it was a white lie .
i was lying . i have never even talk to him that day
i'm really not sure of what to do .
if i really followed your instructions ,
person A, B and C will get really angry when they find out i'm doing
this .
fuck luh .
i'm really at a loss , all of you are my really best friends .<3

Saturday, November 1, 2008

had band today ;
so couldnt do homework at starbucks

xx xxx xxx xx xx x'x xxxxx xx xxx, x'xx xxx xxxxxxx.x'x xxx xxxx.x xxxxx xx, xxx x xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx.
x xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx x'x xxxxx. x'x xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx.
x'x xx x xxxx .
x xxxx xxxxxx x xxxx xxx,xxx xxx xx x xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxx?
x xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx, xx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx,xxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xx xxx xx xx xxxx xxxxxxx
xxx xxx xxxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xx x xxxx xxx xxxxx?
xxxxx xxx, x'x xx x xxxx xxxx !

whatever man D: shall end here

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hello ! ,
since people has been saying i never post , i shall post today
andreas is sucha idiot !
he lose for me

andreas = i+ a dot

short post , bye guys

shall we go out on saturday?

Friday, October 24, 2008

yesterday was the last day of school D: ,
love 2e2 .so much fun-filled memoiries ,.
still remembered the sec 1 orientation .
wei jie kept disturbing me as i couldnt pass the strings ,
clarice use her fingers to wiped the mud off her shoes .
huishan went to the toilet every single day ,
yongpeng voice was still damn loudddd D:
lim min was darn anti .
went recess with phy and felicia on the second day of school ,
maria was the first (o_0)
varunica was damn enthu ,

same for eben , esther and ellabelle .
elmo and hongyang kept laughing like nobodys business
.irk .
sad luh ,
we are separating ,but we will still hang out together .:D
wtf , clarice went camp ,
so i left with only a noob to sms .T_T.

yes ,
i'm damn happy now ,my messaging partners are gonna play grandchase ....

darn it ,
love my noobly friends like hell <3333333333

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i am currently going through mixed feelings ,
:D D:
eek , nobody tag me one ,
hurry up leh , tag me more ,
i'm going to ks lim min ! :D
hurray for inspiration .

no school on monday .
grandchasing all day .
quite bored .
lim min and clarice ; plsplsplsplspls play leh .

ksing lim min tmr ;D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bye blogger , hello exams .
miaing till end of EOY

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

went out to cp to study with clarice , andreas , and darrell.
super hilarious , thr studying at library was damn idiot .
the security guard says that we cant study during holidays ,
what nonsense .
went to mos burger then .(:
brought my soup and chicken .
what the hell , super broke now .
super drenched ! heavy rain .
wondered if anyone was drenched just now?

andreas ching , how does it feel to get your inbox flooded with ahems?

Monday, September 1, 2008

holidays are super boring ! ,
nothing to do , play tak about ,
so bye :D
ohya , thanks uh phy , help me revive my tagboard :D <3

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